Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Can Magistrate Discharge


Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Why my father is the greatest father

Straight to the point
1 he is the hardest worker in the room.
2 he is always full of energy. A big no to procrastination.
3 aim big achieve big
4 biggest risk taker
5 his children before anything
6 never said no to work
7 health and exercise freak
8 minted money like anything.
9 strongest person I have ever seen who does not bow down before god.
10 embrace loneliness and isolation perfectly

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Be Idle for a day!

We are a fast moving society today who prefers multitasking rather than doing single tasks at a time. Doing enough is never taken as doing good. You must excel at what you do  or you must fail to excel at what you do best .

But at times you have to fuel yourself. You have to deal with all kind of emotions. But one who is iron minded and as strong as mountain who can tolerate any weather and circumstances.

Stop finding the meaning in everything. Remember your goals and see if you are moving towards it or not.

There must be a good way of approaching life and that's where I come in which is back linking. My own website and be independent again but with a better English and focus and a diligent performer of the art who can sift to any side of the swing.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Village Trip 24- 28 July 2017

LKO- 12232 (770 fare)
LJN- 15011 (760 fare)

100- Charbhagh to kaiserbagh
178- Karnailganj right
40- atta paraspur Bhauriganj mod
200- special auto left towards Paska mod left

Marchaur left
- Durouni mod

20- hardiya to paraspur Bhauriganj mod left
40- jeep to Karnailganj left
178- Kesarbagh lucknow left
20- Charbhagh E rickshaw reverse road

LJN - Lucknow junction just next to
LKO- lucknow Charbhagh

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Legal Search Report of a Plot

1 We need Jamabandi/Khasra no. Of past 13 years from client.
2 Then we need to go to concerned Patwari or tehsildar of the region.
3 We need to check the register there and see the entries corresponding to khasra no. In question. See the sale deed also for khasra.
4 Entries in red would confirm the ownership and you will get the transfer of ownership if any.
5 You can see the intekaal no. Possibly from here.
After that go to builder office and ensure they have taken all the approvals. Plan approved by Gmada, Clu, Environment Clearance, AAI , pollution board.
Get authority letter from client first.

Thursday, 22 June 2017


Life is getting complex but it is simple; joy is in living. You must have felt it whenever you have visited hospitals.

Giving is getting and accepting is affable. Don't go on war with yourself. Make yourself resistant and cry proof so that you never be the run of a mill.

Be special be unique and most importantly be proud of your life. Embrace the uncer

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

End of Confusion

Do what you have to do in this moment as there won't be another moment like this. Act now for brighter tomorrow!